Church Construction – How Long Does It Take…Really!

How long does it really take to Design and Build a church?  Longer than most people think or plan for. It’s important to have realistic expectations so the vision for the project can be cast well for the entire congregation.  The image here gives you a good idea of what each stage of the process. Obviously there […]

5 Things Great Lay Leaders Do

I recently began working with a church who has incredible lay leadership.  As I’ve gotten to know them I’ve learned a few things about lay leaders and the culture every church wants to create.  Here are 5 things great lay leaders do.  1 Support Publicly Great Lay Leaders (GLLs) support the vision of the church. […]

Church Construction – When should you build?

How do you know when its time for your church to build?  Here are four things to think about when you’re thinking about building. 1. Finances – obviously money matters when you’re building a new facility.  Here is blog I wrote specifically on Church Construction and Money. 2. Max Facility Use - Do you have a document that […]

The Principle of The Path – Andy Stanley

I’ve just been listening to The Principle of The Path by Andy Stanley again and I thought I’d share with you the key principle in the book.  See my diagram here. Our attention determines our direction, and our direction determines our destination. Obvious stuff right? So tell me about your destination. Where are you heading? […]

Can Walmart Be A Worship Experience?

God is in the redemption business, and business is good.  Very soon Athens Church will have their grand opening in a building formerly known as Wal-Mart.  A little over a year ago Sean Seay and the team at Athens Church (A Strategic partner of North Point Community Church with Video teaching from Andy Stanley) decided to redeem this building by […]

Andy Stanley – Life App #4 – Trust

These are my notes from Andy Stanley’s Life Apps series and this is message #4.   I thought this might be especially useful for churches preparing to move into a season of church construction.  If you don’t read anything else here skip to the bottom and read the 5 commitments North Point Community Church asks their team […]

Church Building Budgets – 3 Things You Need To Know

One of the first things we accomplish at Cogun when we take on a new client is to nail down the 3 church building budgets.  Thats right…there’s 3 of them.   Understanding Affordability is the Critical Success Factor in any church construction project.  One of the biggest communication miss-steps is when the church says they […]

7 Ways Smart Churches Are Using Social Media

What is your church doing to leverage Social Media?  Here are just a few things to think about as you move into the age of technological evangelism. Podcasts – If you don’t do anything else here, do this!  Podcasts are too easy for people to share with their friends. Blogging – Here’s how Athens Church […]

Andy Stanley On Confession

 These are my notes from 3.27.11 at North Point Community Church.  Andy Stanley and Jeff Henderson are in 6 part series call Life Apps.  With so much pressure against us is so easy to fail morally.  Confession is the key to prevention.  So here are my notes. James 1:22 (NIV) Do not merely listen to […]

10 Reasons Building A Church Isn’t Like Buying a Car

10 reasons building a church isn’t like buying a car or anything else for that matter. A car can make you cool.  Church made Steven Furtick cool, but not Perry Noble, so you can’t always count on church to make you cool. Churches gets better gas mileage – they’re wind powered. All cars play traditional […]