2004 Catalyst DVD Winner IS…..

So last week I decided to empty my old resource vault (basement) of some items that have had a great impact on me but I’m done with them now (I’ve uploaded them…Just Kidding). The first item up for grabs was my 2004 Catalyst DVD set, which I learned after the fact, was the “Uncut” version.  That […]

Catalyst Conference 2004 DVD Give Away

In my many years with Catalyst Conference, Giant Impact, and the Chick Fil A Leadercast (all the same company), I’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate quite a collection of leadership resources.  I’ve collected a plethora of books, as well as audio and video lessons.  Unfortunately, what I don’t have is the space to keep all […]

The Bible for the Undisciplined

 How many times have you started to read the Bible throughout the year but got sidetracked or didn’t stay disciplined enough to finish?  We’ll there is hope.  Bible.is is an app available on iphone and droid.    But its much more than just another Bible app.  It has audio available in several different versions as well […]