5 Things Great Lay Leaders Do

I recently began working with a church who has incredible lay leadership.  As I’ve gotten to know them I’ve learned a few things about lay leaders and the culture every church wants to create.  Here are 5 things great lay leaders do.  1 Support Publicly Great Lay Leaders (GLLs) support the vision of the church. […]

Andy Stanley – Life App #4 – Trust

These are my notes from Andy Stanley’s Life Apps series and this is message #4.   I thought this might be especially useful for churches preparing to move into a season of church construction.  If you don’t read anything else here skip to the bottom and read the 5 commitments North Point Community Church asks their team […]

Church Building Budgets – 3 Things You Need To Know

One of the first things we accomplish at Cogun when we take on a new client is to nail down the 3 church building budgets.  Thats right…there’s 3 of them.   Understanding Affordability is the Critical Success Factor in any church construction project.  One of the biggest communication miss-steps is when the church says they […]


D-E-S-I-G-N: Who Am I? Part 2   This is some great stuff for you to think about over the weekend from my good friend and mentor John Woodall who is the Pastor of  Care at North Point Community Church. If you didn’t see part 1 of the series Click Here and get caught up.  Last time we looked […]

Church Building and Money

Church Construction Quick Start Guide – Build a long runway Having a long runway means you have a great idea of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there long before you actually need to arrive.  I’m often with churches that need their new space yesterday.  They’ve come to what they believe is […]

Church Building: 3 Steps to Starting Well

If your church is growing, sooner or later you’re going to have to build.  Most churches I’m working with usually make the following statement sometime early on… “Man I wish we’d started preparing sooner”.  Whether you have a congregation of 200 or 2000 and you’re a leader in a fast growing church, you should commit […]

D-E-S-I-G-N: Who Am I? Part 1 – John Woodall

Guest Bloggger John Woodall If you’ve been reading my blog you know I’m a huge fan of my friend John Woodall.  He is the Care Pastor at North Point Communty Church, speaks often and is Andy Stanley’s emergency backup speaker for sunday mornings. He’s the target I”m shooting for in all fiver areas of my […]

How To Start A Church Building Project

This weekend I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of starting another church design process.  The Church is a progressive church in TX who is looking to create more worship space for all their ministries.  None of the information here is public yet so, for now, l’ll just give you the meat and potatoes. […]

Catalyst Conference 2004 DVD Give Away

In my many years with Catalyst Conference, Giant Impact, and the Chick Fil A Leadercast (all the same company), I’ve been fortunate enough to accumulate quite a collection of leadership resources.  I’ve collected a plethora of books, as well as audio and video lessons.  Unfortunately, what I don’t have is the space to keep all […]

Building Communication – 6 ways to communicate with your church builder.

Here are the highlights or you can watch the video for more explanation. Build Trust Hire people you like Ask Questions Communicate Often Address Conflict Remember the Vision    Check out the new pictures of Athens Church Click Here to leave a comment