Guest Blog – Bill Couchenour More and more churches are finding that purchasing and repurposing existing buildings can be an effective way for developing the right ministry space. We asked the Cogun Project Consultants that are working directly with churches about what is driving this trend. Here are their Top Ten reasons why re-purposing buildings […]

Creative Church Funding

This is one of the many creative ideas that Athens Church is using to create emotional buy-in from their church for their renovation project. Raising money can be more about life change and trusting God than church buildings… if you do it right. Click Here Check out the details of the Athens Church project.

Church Renovation – Redeeming Space

I got a couple email about the video yesterday so here is a little more info about Rock Bridge Community Church. Guest Blogger – Bill Couchenour A number of the projects we’ve been doing for churches have involved big box build outs. Essentially, that means taking a former warehouse or retail store and converting it […]

Can You Renovate a 100 Year Old Building?

This is Stage 1.2.3. at Rock Bridge Community Church where Matt Evans is the Lead Pastor.  This building is more than 100 years old and was origianlly a Ford Dealership. Click Here to see the Walmart we’re renovating now for North Point Strategic Partner Athens Church. BTW – If you want to see how a real leader walks through […]

Church Construction – Athens Church Renovation Update

Athens Church in Athens Ga is a North Point Ministries Strategic Partnership.   To get a feel for how they are connecting people with their project click here. The project is moving faster that we origianlly thought and we hope to have a celebration of Biblical proportion on Cinco De Mayo with the Athens Church team […]

Athens Church Renovation Update with Pictures

This is what I woke up to this morning in my email from Sean Seay.  Sean is the Lead Pastor at Athens Church a North Point Strategic Partnership in the great city of Athens Ga.  I think that I have one of the most incredible jobs in the universe.  To be able to spend my […]