10 Things Every Church Planter Should Know About Church Buildings

1.  Plan For Facilities From Day 1 – If you just planted, in 5-7 years you’ll need a building or a new job! 2.  Build A Long Runway –   “Church Building -  How long does it take…really? 3.  Track Everything – Good financials and attendance numbers put the bank’s bean counters at ease. 4.  […]

5 Questions For Great Church Communication

This is a guest post by Leah Norton.  Leah has had the opportunity to work with Churches across the country as the Lead Communications Strategist for Fishhook for the last six years. Fishhook is a creative communications team that passionately loves God and feels called to collaborate with churches to help them communicate clearly, creatively […]

Athens Church Open House

IT IS FINISHED!!!! Athens Church that is.  Come Join us for the Open House at the home of North Point Community Church’s latest venue. WHY you should join us: Because Dave Benham and the architectural team from www.Neal-Prince.com are going to talk you through the power of an effective master plan. Because Brad Leeper from www.GENERIS.com is […]

10 Reasons Building A Church Isn’t Like Buying a Car

10 reasons building a church isn’t like buying a car or anything else for that matter. A car can make you cool.  Church made Steven Furtick cool, but not Perry Noble, so you can’t always count on church to make you cool. Churches gets better gas mileage – they’re wind powered. All cars play traditional […]

3 Things That Stink About Lack Of Preperation

If you haven’t been reading my blog, you need to know I injured my back 4 weeks ago doing deadlifts at the gym.  I’ve also been training for the Publix Ga Half Marathon.  How do deadlifts fit into a half marathon training schedule you ask?  NOT VERY WELL!   So yesterday I showed up to run […]

Church Construction – Existing Debt vs Funding

Here is a quick video about how banks view your existing debt when you are looking to secure funding for new construction or renovation. Post a comment if you have any questions.


D-E-S-I-G-N: Who Am I? Part 2   This is some great stuff for you to think about over the weekend from my good friend and mentor John Woodall who is the Pastor of  Care at North Point Community Church. If you didn’t see part 1 of the series Click Here and get caught up.  Last time we looked […]

Church Construction – Athens Church Renovation Update

Athens Church in Athens Ga is a North Point Ministries Strategic Partnership.   To get a feel for how they are connecting people with their project click here. The project is moving faster that we origianlly thought and we hope to have a celebration of Biblical proportion on Cinco De Mayo with the Athens Church team […]

Church Building and Money

Church Construction Quick Start Guide – Build a long runway Having a long runway means you have a great idea of where you’re going and how you’re going to get there long before you actually need to arrive.  I’m often with churches that need their new space yesterday.  They’ve come to what they believe is […]

Athens Church Renovation Update with Pictures

This is what I woke up to this morning in my email from Sean Seay.  Sean is the Lead Pastor at Athens Church a North Point Strategic Partnership in the great city of Athens Ga.  I think that I have one of the most incredible jobs in the universe.  To be able to spend my […]