7 Ways Smart Churches Are Using Social Media

What is your church doing to leverage Social Media?  Here are just a few things to think about as you move into the age of technological evangelism. Podcasts – If you don’t do anything else here, do this!  Podcasts are too easy for people to share with their friends. Blogging – Here’s how Athens Church […]


Guest Blog – Bill Couchenour More and more churches are finding that purchasing and repurposing existing buildings can be an effective way for developing the right ministry space. We asked the Cogun Project Consultants that are working directly with churches about what is driving this trend. Here are their Top Ten reasons why re-purposing buildings […]

Creative Church Funding

This is one of the many creative ideas that Athens Church is using to create emotional buy-in from their church for their renovation project. Raising money can be more about life change and trusting God than church buildings… if you do it right. Click Here Check out the details of the Athens Church project.