Why Your Church Is Stuck

If you’re church is stuck, YOU are the problem.


Let that sink in.  Does that statement fit?  Can you honestly, without explanation, claim responsibility for your church being stuck?

Taking responsibility is critical to getting your church Unstuck.  Because, along with being the problem:

You’re also the solution 

In my role as a church building consultant, I’m in a lot of churches.  Many of them think that facilities are the only barrier to growth.  They couldn’t be more wrong.  Your church is the size it is because it’s a product of the systems and process you have installed or inherited.  If  God’s vision is a faded memory, now is the time to take a look at the real reasons your stuck.

Here’s a couple questions to get you moving again:

How do you think a church of 300 acts differently than a church of 1000? (fill in your own attendance and where you’d like to be)

If you’re church doubled in size in the next three years what would the future “You” tell the present “You” was the cause?

Do you know what you are personally responsible for?  Do each of your staff know their own answer to that question?

Do you know what the critical factors for growth are?

Do you know what healthy a growth rate for your church is?  (Yes it’s possible to grow to fast!)

With _________’s  (insert the name of someone you personally know who is far from God here)  salvation at risk, can I be too busy for this?

Not the head guy?

You’re still the problem /  solution.

It’s just a different set of problems and solutions.  Your aim right now is to learn how to follow well and master your current level of influence.  Which includes influencing  people around you including your lead pastor.  Don’t be the guy (girl) who finds a problem in every solution.  Get on board or plant your own church.  Don’t be in between.

For change to happen you have to be the spark.

What’s your next move?  How can you put it in motion before quitting time today?

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