Before You Build

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Hi, my name is Richard Chancy and you successfully found your way to the “Before You Build” free book give away on my blog.  One of my favorite things about Cogun is our passion for serving churches.  Since it was published, we’ve offered thousands of copies of “Before You Build” to churches preparing their ministry for construction.  We’d love to provide you with one as well.  Read on to see how to get your copy today.

What Do You Need To Know Before  You Break Ground?

  • Most money is spent during construction, but its the planning process that determines how it will be spent.  learn how to get the most for you time, dollars and influence with proper planning.
  • Improve your ability to secure your funding to complete the project.  Understand the sources of funding and the key factors lending institutions are concerned with when considering your loan.
  • Learn 10 characteristics of effective building committee members.  There are keys to the size and relationships of committees that can strengthen their effectiveness.
  • make the most of the opportunity you have today to shape the facilities that will shape shape the future of your ministry!
Find a useful framework for understanding and coordinating the overall process of developing facilities for greater Kingdom impact by learning to: 
  • Developing a meaningful ministry focus
  • Select the right committee members and structure
  • Calculate realistic, responsible budgets
  • Engage the industry professionals that fit your needs
  • Understand the process of design
  • find a funding plan to make the vision a reality
About the Author 

Bill Couchenour, the President of Cogun, Inc., works exclusively with Christian churches and ministries to develop the facilities necessary to continue their growth.  Since 1982, he has served hundreds of congregations to bring bout facilities that met pacific ministry plans and budgets.  “Before You Build” is drawn from over 20 years of experience and describes many of the critical aspects of a building program.  The purpose of the book is to provide you with insights and information to make your program a success.

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